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Romantic Wedding Suite

The Queens Hotel Bournemouth provide a range of beautiful suites for the perfect end to your wedding day.

But why not take responsibility and beautify your romantic wedding suite yourself. It takes very little to make that extra romantic gesture.

Attention to detail is guaranteed to continue the amore on your magical wedding night. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or hopeless at romance, our dedicated team can assist you in with our bespoke service.

We can ensure the bride gets the bridal suite she deserves.

Tips on preparing a romantic wedding suite

Plan Ahead

Being organised is most important. Leave nothing to chance.

Make sure that you inform our team of  any necessary preparations well in advance. Making last minute decisions may see problems occur, and not being able to deliver on a romantic gesture last minute could really dampen your mood, leaving  you feel deflated.

Beautiful Bedding

The bed is the centre piece of a bridal suite. It’s where you will rest your weary heads after an emotionally exhausting day. It should therefore look and feel comfy, as well as inviting.

romantic wedding suites

Colour matching satin or lace sheets and pillow cases, with corresponding cushions creates an adoring look.

Of course, dressers and bedside cabinets can also be decorated to enhance any look.

Decorative Touches

Rose petals scattered across a bed, floor and tub is the darling of romantic gestures. But why stop there?

Co-ordinate the room with vases of roses or her favourite flowers to enhance ambience.

Even hang floral garlands from any door or mirror in the room. Alternatively, simply lay it on the bed. You can’t go wrong!

Candlelit Ambience

Votive candles are the safest and most economic solutions. Save costs on scented types, as the flowers will take care of this for you.

Position these strategically by mirrors and reflective surfaces to create warm glows and  ’fairy tale’ scenery.

Midnight Snacks

24 hour room service means you can indulge in some tasty treats.

But you can provide your own, by presenting your new wife with some romantic delicacies. Some good suggestions would be a elegant selection of chocolates, presented in a vintage basket.

These treats let you both refresh, even carry your feel-good factor long into the night and early hours of the morning.

More information on The Queens Hotel bridal suites

Our own wedding rooms are included in our Windsor and Buckingham packages.

However, it should be reiterated that bespoke weddings experiences can be arranged.

Our facilities include fully equipped tea and coffee making facilities, toiletries and hairdryer and 24-hours a day guaranteed room service.

A fridge facility can also be added for a small fee.