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Renewal of wedding vows

Why renew your wedding vows?

Are you thinking of renewing your wedding vows in Bournemouth with your partner? This is a very romantic gesture that will affirm your marriage to each other and the world. Queens Hotel has provided a superb renewal of wedding vows in Bournemouth service for many years in our dedicated suites. Many married couples choose to renew their wedding vows for a wide range of reasons, and we have listed below a great range of reasons why you should choose to renew your vows:

  • You and your partner want to reaffirm your love for one another
  • Your original wedding didn’t go to plan, and you want to have your dream wedding
  • It is a momentous wedding anniversary such as 5th, 10th or 25th anniversary
  • You want a more elaborate wedding occasion than your original wedding and with more guests
  • A great romantic gesture
  • You and your partner have got over a troublesome time and want to consolidate your love for each other

How to renew your wedding vows in Bournemouth

Many married couples are often confused by what exactly a wedding vow renewal ceremony should contain as unlike your wedding day there is no actual set procedure. This will give you the freedom to customise your ceremony to your own tastes as the renewing of your vows should be a day that is about you and your partner.

Preliminary steps

At Queens Hotel in Bournemouth, we often recommend couples to set a budget from the moment that they decide they wish to renew their vows as this will prevent any overspending. Many couples find that when they decide to renew their vows that they are less restricted by finances that may have prevented them from having the ceremony they really wanted when they were younger.  Renewal ceremonies cost considerably less than an actual wedding.

One of the biggest benefits of a wedding vow renewal ceremony is that there are far fewer restrictions on the ceremony that will allow you to focus on the elements that matter the most to you and your partner.  As your marriage is already legally binding, the vow renewal ceremony is not legally binding and, as a result, you do not need an officiant at the ceremony at all. So you could have a close friend or even one of your children lead the ceremony! The choice really is all yours.

How big should the ceremony be?

Many couples are often confused as to how big the wedding vow renewal ceremony should be, and this will depend on your reasons for renewing your vows. Couples, who could not afford a big wedding initially, often host a big ceremony and party and invite a whole host of family and friends. Alternatively, if you had a rather big wedding then a smaller and more intimate ceremony could be suitable as the sole focus will be on you and your partner.

What to wear?

What you wear is completely up to you and your partner. You and your partner could both wear your old wedding dress or suit; alternatively you can wear something else smart that you feel more comfortable wearing. The choice is all yours!

What to avoid during renewal of wedding vows in Bournemouth?

  • Do not ask for gifts. The purpose of wedding gifts is to help the newly married couple set up a new home together and to relieve some of the financial stress of doing so.
  • Do not throw a stag or hen party since you are married!
  • Do not have attendants such as bridesmaids or groomsmen as this could make the initial ceremony more expensive. A nice gesture would be to recognise the former attendants at some stage in the ceremony.

Bournemouth wedding vows to speak at a ceremony

Many couples often choose to repeat their old wedding vows which are a lovely symbolic gesture.  However, if you wish to go for something a bit more personalised to you and your partner; personalised wedding vows are a great touch that will make your ceremony that bit more memorable.

How to word invitations

If you are hosting the wedding vow renewal ceremony yourself, below is a great template for invitations:

The honour of your presence is requested at the reaffirmation of the wedding vows of Patricia and Richard Jones Saturday, March 25 etc. Or Please join us as we renew our wedding vows and celebrate 20 years together Patricia and Richard Jones Saturday, March 25 etc.

So if you want to celebrate your wedding vows in Bournemouth, look no further than Queens Hotel. For more information, contact our team today.

Gordon the Lion the Queens Hotel Mascot is on the loose!  Each morning he has to be found in the local area.   All of this fun is part of a competition run by Fire Radio during the Breakfast Programme to win Christmas Parties in Bournemouth at The Queens Hotel and Spa.  Gordon is a big, friendly lion who is hiding each morning, wanting to be found to give away no less than five Christmas Parties each day for two weeks!  What a generous chap.

With the London 2012 Olympics less than a year away, we are so looking forward to the wonderful occasion. At The Queens Hotel & Spa, in Bournemouth, we are less than two hours away from London by coach, car or train. This makes organising your accommodation with us an ideal solution from which to travel and see the events. Make us your base and relax by the beach in Britain’s premium seaside resort and take the short trip to London. It makes sense and is excellent value to stay at The Queens Hotel & Spa.


We are situated only 10 minutes walk from Bournemouth’s train and coach station, as well as being a short 20 minute drive from Bournemouth International Airport. We are even privileged enough to have the Olympic sailing events on our door step in Weymouth, which is only 45 minutes by car.


Please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 1202 554 415 or info@queenshotelbournemouth.com if you would like additional information

Autumn Half Term holiday is a  family time, a good time for a family holiday,  great for getting outdoors and walking in places like The New Forest or The Purbecks.  Should the weather be inclement here at The Queens Hotel and Spa we have an indoor swimming pool for children to let off some energy.  All of our family rooms are good sized rooms, the function rooms double up as play rooms where up to date popular films can be watched.  We have many games that can be borrowed to keep the children amused.

As a truly family friendly hotel we have a fantastic special offer this October Half Term 2011 children under 12 are totally free and All Inclusive in other words all food and drinks. Special Rate of £99.00 per room Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

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Bournemouth goes dance crazy in January 2012 when the UK Open Dance Championships are hosted at the BIC.  Bournemouth will rarely see so many sequins in such a short period.  At the Queens Hotel and Spa we have two dance floors in two separate function rooms. If you are looking for a hotel with space to practice a few steps prior to your competition, have a good nights sleep and eat well then we are able to help.  Please call Julie on 01202 292200 for special accommodation rates if you are attending the Dance Championships in 2012.

How many hotels in Bournemouth are truly family friendly I wonder? Taking a family to a hotel can be daunting for parents.   A childs natural exuberance and energy is hard to contain for parents, they need space to let off steam like a swimming pool, toys and games at hand to keep them occupied.  Large rooms in the hotel with some floor space to play with toys are important, there is nothing worse than being right on top of each other.  Bournemouth is a great destination with plenty to do for families in the immediate area, this autumn and during October half term holiday check out what is going on from our fantastic tourism website.

At The Queens Hotel and Spa we have a fantastic family friendly offer this October half term school holiday – Children are Free in their parent(s) room ALL INCLUSIVE.  See our Special Offer on the home page of our website.

We really do aim to make a family visit to The Queens Hotel stress free for parents – we love families, we are a family run hotel and family friendly.



Come to Bournemouth to keep your children occupied during October Half Term School Holiday.  We have an amazing offer for families at the family friendly hotel  by the sea -The Queens Hotel and Spa -

Children under 12 are free in their parent(s) room

eat free from the childrens menu and have free soft drinks. 

Other attractions to make the week a success:

Free entry to the Bournemouth Oceanarium

Half price Bournemouth Odeon cinema tickets

Automatic membership to Kids Club

All adding up to a great family holiday.

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Free inhouse enterainment


The Christmas Party market is very competitive, some of the prices offered look very enticing.  The problem is how can you tell what value you are going to get for your office party or group?

I think the best idea is to book your party at a hotel that has an excellent reputation for good food at affordable prices.  By good food, I mean dishes that are not pre-prepared, where trained chefs have devised a festive menu, chosen the ingredients from quality suppliers.  Where the sauces and gravies do not come from a packet but are lovingly crafted.  Ask these questions when you shop around and start to compare menus and prices.

The Queens Hotel and Spa do have the excellent reputation mentioned above!   Ask the questions:-

  • Will this menu be fully prepared on the premises
  • Are the sauces and gravies made from scratch
  • Will fresh local produce and vegetables be served with our meal

Our answer will be YES!!

We think we offer the best value Christmas Party in Bournemouth – Prices Start at £19.95 for  a 3 course meal with entertainment  or a hot and cold savoury buffet at £12.95 with entertainment.

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Are you the delegated party planner for your Office Christmas Party this year 2011?   We fully appreciate what a responsibility this is at The Queens Hotel and Spa and to this end have come up with the checklist below to help choose the right venue for your particular requirements.

1)  Are you a big enough group for a private party?

2) Are you looking for a shared party night?

3) What is your budget per person?

4) Is an overnight stay at reasonable prices a consideration?

5) What type of entertainment, if any, are you looking for?

6) Are you looking for a 3 course meal or buffet dinner?


Call Julie on 01202 292200 to discuss your individual requirements