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February 29th 2012 Guinness Book of Records Attempt Marriage Proposals

The Queens Hotel and Spa  are applying to the Guinness Book of Records to the largest number of single women proposing to their loved ones on a lead day, ie February 29th 2012.  Would you like to be a part of this attempt?

The tradition of female proposals on February the 29th can be traced back to the year 1288. It was then that Scotland passed a law that stated women were allowed to propose to a man on that day only. It even went so far as to impose a fine on any man that declined a woman’s wedding proposal on that day in a leap year. The fine usually wasn’t too severe (sometimes even a kiss would suffice), but it does go to show how seriously this law was taken.

In England, the reason for the female proposal on February 29th is based on the fact that the law did not ‘recognise’ the 29th as a real date. Because it happened just once every four years, it had no legal status and was therefore disregarded by authorities. This didn’t mean that people simply ignored the law and did what they liked, but it did mean that some of the older more ‘unfair’ laws were challenged. The law stating that only men could propose, for example. This all lead to women being legally allowed to propose on February the 29th, every four years.