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Group Travel

Here at The Queens Hotel and Spa we have perfected organising a short break or holiday for your group and made it as easy as it  possibly could be.   How – you ask?  What is different about the Queens Hotel and Spa?   We have a brochure which is attached (click the red link which follows)  Gordon Tours at Queens Hotel Brochure, the selection and pricing process is very easy for organisers and group leaders to follow:-

1)  Choose your season Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

2)  Choose your 4 day dates within the season, or any other number of days

3)  Call Julie on 01202 292200 to check availability

4)  Decide on any day trips to many of the beauty spots or places of interest

5)  Reserve with a deposit which will be confirmed back in writing to you.

So simple with all inclusive prices for transport, accommodation and half board.