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Kraken Bar

Are you looking for a stunning Bournemouth bar in which to enjoy a few drinks with friends? If so, you need look no further than the Kraken Bar at The Queens Hotel. Here, you can enjoy fabulous cocktails from our mixologists and artisan beer in a magical and opulent atmosphere. 


What Makes the Kraken Bar So Good? 

There are many bars in Bournemouth in which to get a few drinks with friends and enjoy a night out, but none of them can match everything offered by the Kraken Bar here at The Queens Hotel. Not only do we serve delicious drinks from fantastic mixologists, but the interior décor is new and improved too. 

Our bar has been renovated to the highest of standards and now features dark and opulent fabrics with atmospheric lighting. You will also enjoy our fireplace and the brandnew, leatherfronted curved bar, along with furniture that has been given a modern twist with orange and grey hues. 

We have stunning artwork relating to Greek Mythology, tying in with our new name, and our fantastic mixologists love to create fun and exciting cocktails named after Greek Gods and Goddesses. At the Kraken Bar, you can enjoy delicious drinks in a magical and sultry atmosphere. 


What Services Can the Bar Provide? 

The Kraken Bar here at The Queens Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy a drink with your friends or family. We have extended the bar space to incorporate a large, stand-alone cocktail bar that both guests and non-residents can enjoy. Behind the bar, we have some brilliant mixologists on hand to make your favourite drinks or even create something new and exciting.  

With our name and décor holding roots in Greek Mythology, our mixologists are having fun creating new and exciting cocktails inspired by Greek Gods and Goddesses. Or, if you’d prefer something simpler, how about enjoying a delicious artisan beer in our bar? We have a variety of drinks for you to enjoy, and happy hour from 5pm – 7pm every day, with drinks 50% off. 

Even our décor provides a service of its own, creating a magical and opulent atmosphere for our guests with dark fabrics, burnt orange and grey hues, and a cosy fireplace. 


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What Drinks Are Served at the Bar? 

The Kraken Bar provides a varied range of drinks for our guests, from thirst-quenching soft drinks to alcoholic beverages to be enjoyed with friends and family. At The Queens Hotel, we are also proud to have some fantastic mixologists working for us behind the bar, creating your favourite cocktails and even some brandnew and exciting drinks inspired by Greek Mythology. 

Simply relax and have fun as you watch our mixologists skill as they create the perfect drink for you, whatever it may be. Whether you are having a lunchtime tipple or enjoying a night out, we will have the drink for you. 


Our Expert Mixologists

We have a team of expert mixologists working behind the bar, and you can watch them as they set to creating your drinks. They are all extremely skilful and have amazing fun creating your drink, whether it’s your favourite or brandnew cocktails inspired by the Kraken Bar’s roots in Greek Mythology. 


Happy Hour at the Kraken Bar 

Here at the Kraken Bar, we have a happy hour every single day between 5pm and 7pm. During this time, we will be serving your favourite cocktails and tipples, with select drinks being 50% off. So, take a seat at our leatherfronted curved bar and enjoy our happy hour. 


Can Our Bar be Hired for Events? 

Here at The Queens Hotel, we work to cater to clients when they wish to host an event, and we are happy and proud to say you can book the Kraken Bar for your private event. Whether it’s a corporate party, a family gathering, or even a birthday, simply get in touch and we will strive to help.  

We have hosted many events over the years, all with great success. With our Kraken Bar being newly renovated and decorated to the highest standard, any event you hold here will be ooze sophistication. Plus, our expert mixologists will make your event special with their fantastic drinks. 


Why Is the Kraken Bar the Best in Bournemouth? 

While there are many bars and clubs in Bournemouth to choose from, none can match everything that the Kraken Bar has to offer. Our bar has been newly renovated and extended, with a brandnew, large stand-alone cocktail bar being incorporated. Behind this bar, you can watch our fantastic mixologists at work as they create your favourite cocktails, and even some brand-new ones inspired by the Kraken Bar’s roots within Greek Mythology. Plus, we have happy hour every day between 5pm and 7pm. 

The décor in our bar is equally fantastic as it has been upgraded with dark and opulent fabrics along with lighting that creates a magical atmosphere. There is a cosy fireplace and artwork depicting Andromeda, an Ethiopian princess sacrificed to the Kraken in Greek Mythology, hence our name. Our furniture consists of burnt orange and warm grey hues, and every detail has been designed to create a sultry atmosphere for you to enjoy. 


Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about our fantastic Kraken Bar, you are welcome to call us at The Queens Hotel today on 01202 554 415. We look forward to discussing everything the Kraken Bar has to offer, including our fantastic drinks, and seeing you there soon.