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Murder Mystery

Blue Majesty – Saturday 2nd October 2021

The year is 1946 and a record breaking diamond of 1,000 carats has been unearthed in a mine in British Bechuanaland. This whopper will yield more than 100 individual diamonds, from small specimens to a flawless beauty of 100 carats which will be called Blue Majesty. The financial bonanza is beyond shareholders’ wildest dreams. One such shareholder is Clarence Wigton, Esq. He needs the money, as he is on the verge of financial ruin. His body is discovered in the local in. Can you solve the mystery of the Blue Majesty?

Nirvana Holidays – 23rd Jan 2021

You are attending a presentation by Nirvana Holidays, ‘The Greatest Timeshare In The World’. Their latest development is in Spain on the Costa Lott. You will meet the company’s founder, Ronnie Latham. His wife Dolly has sent a bottle of Champagne as a special gift to mark the launch. Hugo Bust, the company accountant has a taste for the high life, but Ronnie wants to know how he has financed a new sports car on the salary that he pays him. There is also an unhappy customer who has lost he money in the dodgy development. When one of the Nirvana team is murdered anyone could be responsible. Can you detect which of the suspects did the dirty deed?

The Séance – Saturday 20th November 2021

Welcome to An Evening With Dirk Blagger, the renowned psychic. Blagger can see your future and make sense of your past, or so he says. He has invited television executive Rod Ducer to see his show with a view to making it into a series. Ronnie Latham, the London businessman who backed Blagger’s career is present, along with his wife Dolly and the mysterious Ruby Charms.

All of these people have one thing in common; they have a secret hidden deep in their past. When Blagger threatens to use his powers to reveal these secrets one of them is driven to murder. DI Willy Catchem has a tough case on his hands. All of the suspects have a motive, and none of them want to reveal what it is.

The Seance is a layered mystery which is great fun to solve … one step at a time.

The Legend of Bloodstone – Saturday 29th January 2022

The Blood Stone is the ancient site where Uther The Unfortunate was slain by Gormhuld Forkbeard at the end of a battle between English and Danish forces in the 9th Century; his body left prostate on a large stone, with his blood seeping into the soil beneath. Bloodstone Castle was built upon this site, and has seen many bloody incidents over the years. Tonight is no exception with not one but two unexplained deaths to be dealt with. 1940s era.


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