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Twixmas Holiday Bournemouth

The build-up to Christmas is full of excitement and busy nights shopping for presents. The period in between the festive fun and New Year’s Day can feel a bit like limbo. At The Queen’s Hotel, though, we have the perfect way to spend the in-between time. We host Twixmas holiday Bournemouth visitors can enjoy. If you want to secure your booking, give us a call on 01202 554415.


Celebrate The Perfect Bournemouth Twixmas Holiday With Us

The festive period can be extremely busy, but the lull in between Christmas and New Year celebrations is no more at The Queen’s Hotel. We host a delightful Twixmas Holiday in Bournemouth with plenty of treats available.

Our fantastic offer is priced at just £119 for two night’s accommodation. Celebrate the best Twixmas holiday Bournemouth has ever seen thanks to our brilliant package. We will lay on a welcome drink’s reception, as well as dinner and bed and breakfast.

Keep in mind, this will not be just a standard stay at a hotel in Bournemouth. Twixmas holidays are something special at The Queen’s Hotel, as we will provide some wonderful evening entertainment at our venue. Make sure you book your room as soon as possible by calling us on 01202 554415.


Take A Look At Our Festive Offers

You may be looking for a way to get involved in a Twixmas Holiday in Bournemouth, but at The Queen’s Hotel, we have something planned for the entire festive period. Our festive calendar consists of the following:Twixmas Holiday Bournemouth

  • Holly and Mistletoe Holidays
  • Christmas Holiday
  • Twixmas Holiday
  • New Year’s Holiday

The clock is ticking to finalise your plans, so while you may have organised a Twixmas holiday, Bournemouth visitors could also take advantage of our other packages. A Holly and Mistletoe Holiday from Monday to Friday will include four nights of dinner, bed and breakfast. Welcome drinks will be presented on your arrival, and we get a visit from Father Christmas!

Our Christmas package, which includes live entertainment, is a four-day spell starting from £435 per person. However, if you want to extend it to five, you can do so with only a small increase to £499 per person. While staying in Bournemouth, Twixmas holidays are the ideal way to spend your time before New Year.

Once we hit the New Year celebrations, feel free to join us at The Queen’s Hotel. From December 29th or 30th until January 2nd, you can stay with us for an affordable price, starting from £299 per person. In this wonderful package you get full board or dinner, bed and breakfast. Why not help us bring in the New Year following you Twixmas holiday in Bournemouth.


Why Choose Us To Celebrate Twixmas Holiday Bournemouth?

Over the festive period, you will likely spend most of the time rushing around trying to see family and friends. So, why not take the pressure off your feet by joining us for our Twixmas holiday. Bournemouth is a wonderful, relaxing town but there are still plenty of activities and fun things to do.

During this in-between period, you will be treated to luxurious and cosy surroundings at The Queen’s Hotel. We are one of the most popular hotels in the area. The Gordon family, who have owned the establishment since 2006, have put their heart and soul into making our hotel the perfect space for visitors to relax in.

During your visit, we will make this Twixmas Holiday Bournemouth’s finest. One thing we can guarantee is stellar customer service. We pride ourselves on making our guests have the most enjoyable experience possible.

While staying at The Queen’s Hotel, do not hesitate to speak to any members of staff if you have a query. Providing excellent service is what stands us apart from other establishments in the area. Plus, during the Twixmas holiday, Bournemouth visitors will have plenty to enjoy and we want to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.



The Queen’s Hotel is a beautiful hotel that is the perfect location to spend a Twixmas holiday. Bournemouth tends to be associated with its glorious beach, but it is also a wonderful area of the south to spend the festive period. Make sure you don’t miss out on the celebrations, so give us a call on 01202 554415.